Let's Build Your Ad



Welcome to the CGM LookBook ad builder. Here, you will:

    1. Select your Ad Template.
    1. Upload the copy, logo and images for your new ad.  Please ensure that logos and images are in high resolution.
    1. Fill out your contact information.

If you are placing a Full-Page Ad in the LookBook, please select one of the three Full-Page Template Options. If you are placing a Half-Page Ad, please select either vertical or horizontal.*

There are restrictions as far as how much copy each template allows for. Please select your Ad Template according to your content.

  • Ad Template One has the largest amount of image space and keeps the copy portion short
  • Ad Template Two allows for more copy, but still has plenty of room for images
  • Ad Template Three has the most room for copy. If your ad is copy-heavy, we recommend using Template Three, which still reserves 50% of its space for images.
  • Both Half-Page Ad Templates have room for the same amount of copy and images.

Once you have chosen your Ad Template by clicking on its image, please select ‘NEXT’ at the lower right of the form. In the following sections, you will fill out the copy for your ad, upload your logo and image{s} and fill out your contact information.

*If the content, including images and copy, does not closely match what is in the template that you select, we may use one that is better suited for the amount of content and images that you provide. You will be contacted before any work is done.

For Winter 2021/22 Lookbook general information and pricing, click here.

For Holiday 2021 Lookbook pricing and availability, click here.