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Mitchell Kaplan opened Books & Books in 1982 and almost 40 year later it remains a living and breathing example of the bookstore as community center and cultural focal point. Books & Books’ home base is a 1927 building listed in the Coral Gables Register of Historic Places located at 265 Aragon Ave. Stop by for holiday shopping, a bite to eat in The Café or an author event. You can stay up to date on all things Books & Books by following them on social media (@BooksandBooks) or visiting their website:

Gift options: Available in-person or online. Gift wrapping available in-person.


Perfect for the art fanatic in your life: a book with art and never before seen ephemera from Kahlo’s life.


A candid exploration between two famous renegades: Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen.


Books & Books
265 Aragon Avenue

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